• Homework Guidelines for Gifted Students

    Students participating in the Camdenton R-III Gifted Program are involved in a regular school and a Gifted Center curriculum.  This curriculum presents situations to the District's professional staff, participating students and the involved families.
    Gifted students shall be excused from classroom assignments, activites and homework that are assigned during the time they are at the Gifted Center.  All activities and homework assignments that were made prior to and due at the time a student is in the Gifted Center should be turned into the regular classroom teacher prior to going to the Gifted Center if transportation allows.  These students are accountable only for the concepts and principles developed by the regular classrooom teachers on the day the student participates in the Gifted Program.  If in the professional opinion of the regular classroom teacher a gifted student should periodically complete an assignment to learn or demonstrate mastery of concepts that were taught on the day the student participated in the Gifted Program, the regular classroom teacher should clearly communicate this need to the parent.
    Regular classroom teachers should avoid scheduling major tests, field trips, etc. on the day gifted students are participating in the Gifted Program.
    Regular classroom teachers who use attendance/participation, and/or daily assignments as elements in determining student grades shall not penalize the gifted students for their authorized absence from their class.

Last Modified on June 29, 2010