•                                                                                                                                      7/1/2014

    Dear Parents,

    This letter is to inform you of our registration plan for the 2014-15 school year.

    All new students will complete all appropriate registration papers to be placed in a class. You will need to make sure you bring the following items:

    • Birth Certificate
    •  Updated shot record
    •  Proof of residency
    •  Social Security Card

    All returning students will review the information on their student information sheet preprinted from our student information system and make updates rather than filling out an entire update sheet. Parents will also complete all of the necessary permission slips and health information at time of registration. It will then be entered directly into our system. In the past, all of this paperwork has been sent out the first day of school and it has taken weeks to get entered and collected; therefore, we are changing this process to help make things run smoothly for you and us.

    We will also check all transportation information to ensure accuracy for the new school year. You will be asked to let us know your child’s transportation for the first week of school in case it is different than their normal routine. Kindergarteners will have their picture taken and a tag will be created with their picture and bussing information. This tag will be laminated and attached to their backpacks. A copy of this information will also be given to your child’s bus driver.

    These are the dates for registration:

    August 4-5: (8am-3pm) Any new students to district and all incoming kindergarteners

    August 6: (8am-3pm) All returning 1st & 2nd grade students

    August 7: (8am-3pm) All returning 3rd and 4th grade students

    August 8: (8am-3pm) Any students that were unable to register on other days


     Thank you,

     Mrs. Slack