• What is a Counselor?

    Counselors work with all students, school staff, families and members of the community as a part of the educational program. The role of the LCTC counselor is to help all students fully develop their academic, career, personal and social abilities.

    What Do Counselors Do?

    • Advise students on school planning

    • Assist students in obtaining extra help

    • Provide personal and social counseling services to students

    • Connect students and families to resources within the community.

    • Assist students with career planning

    • Provide students with information related to post-secondary opportunities:

      • College

      • Military

      • Training

      • Employment

    Why Contact a Counselor?

    When you need assistance with:

    • School achievement concerns

    • School planning & course selection

    • Post-secondary planning (college, technical schools, financial aid, scholarships, articulated credit, dual enrollment)

    • Personal needs or concerns

    • Crisis situations

    • Family transitions (i.e. death, divorce, re-marriage, new sibling)

    What Information Is Available?

    • ACT & ASVAB Testing

    • Career & Technical Training

    • Continuing Education

    • Employment Opportunities

    • Financial Aid/Scholarships

    • Internships

    • Military

    When & How To Contact Us

    • Before school, during break, between classes or after school
    • During class – with instructor written permission
    • Referral by:
      • Yourself
      • Administration

      • Teachers/Staff

      • Parents/Guardians

      • Peers

      • Other Counselors

    We are available to you from 7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. every school day, Monday - Friday.   
    Contact the Counseling Office by phone or email to set up an appointment, if necessary.  
    Phone: 573-346-9276 or Email: cwilmes@camdentonschools.org  

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