Missouri A+ Scholarship Program

  •  Important Links
     The Camdenton High School A+ Program written agreement form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. 
    To view lists of A+ eligible post-secondary establishments, click on the list of links below: 
    Technical Schools: CLICK HERE
    Community Colleges: CLICK HERE 
    4-year College and Universities: CLICK HERE
    To access the A+ program Tutoring/Mentoring Availability Form, please click on the link below:
     To view the A+ Information Brochure, please click the link below:
    Please view the A+ handbook by clicking the link below: 
    Please retrieve the A+ Service Log Sheet by clicking the link below:


    DIRECTIONS FOR DOWNLOADING THE GOOGLE LOG SHEET: (1) Log into your Camdenton Google account. (2)Click above to retrieve the A+ Service Log Sheet. (3) Click "File" in the top left hand corner of the screen. (4) Click "Make A Copy." (5) Save the sheet as firstname lastname school year A+ Service Log. (6) The log sheet will automatically be saved to your Camdenton Google Drive. Log sheet has example tab as well as, tabs at the bottom for each month. (7) Submit the log sheet to the A+ office at the end of each month.