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Teacher of the Week 1-13-17

Erin Kaminski, Library Media Specialist at Osage Beach Elementary, has been named Camdenton School District Teacher of the Week.  Erin Kaminski is a true team player.  She is in a new roll this year as a Library Media Specialist and has become the resident expert and technology coach.  Her willingness to teach students and adults how to use technology to enhance the learning process is invaluable.  When Erin is not working in the Library Media Center she can usually be found assisting a classroom teacher with anything to ensure that their day is a good one.  Mrs. Kaminski has created our new student pick-up procedures that allows for a much safer environment for the students and did so with minimal issues.  She uses technology during this pick-up procedure to model for our teachers the power of a Google doc and how it can streamline their day.  She is a true team player that is committed to the students and faculty of Osage Beach Elementary and the Camdenton School District.  Teacher of the Week is sponsored by Smith Law Firm and recognizes teachers for positive contributions made to the Camdenton students and District.