• The standard definition for Intervention in the Camdenton R-III School District is follows:

    Directive, building-wide support for students focused on specific academic and social emotional skills/needs. The effectiveness of the intervention is assessed and adapted based on student academic and social emotional skills/needs.

    At Oak Ridge Intermediate, we are aware of the negative connotation that is sometimes associated with the term intervention. An intervention can be a remediation or re-teaching for a student who has not yet mastered a certain skill. An intervention can also be an extension activity for a student who has demonstrated mastery of a skill and is ready to develop a deeper meaning or application of such skill. In an effort to recognize all of the different types of activities that may occur during intervention time, Oak Ridge has come up with the phrase “Students Achieving in Learning” (S.A.I.L.) to describe our daily scheduled intervention time. Whenever you hear your child refer to S.A.I.L. time you can be confident that our staff is committed to helping your child be a successful learner everyday!

Last Modified on March 5, 2010